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In our first year of trading, we were commissioned to build one-part 3m and 4m diameter hatchery tanks in Shetland. Since then, our work in the sector has expanded throughout the UK – and now across the world. We have moulds/tooling from 1-meter tanks right up to 10.5m diameter hatchery tanks. Our fish processing tanks range from small coned tanks right up to 100m 3 vol tanks. The materials we use is either food grade or special chemical resistant (depending on how it is to be used).

From our workshop in Lerwick, and with extensive experience in this field, we are particularly well equipped to meet the needs of the aquaculture sector. There are few restrictions to what we can achieve.

In addition to creating prototypes and bespoke items, we have an extensive range of existing tooling and moulds from which we can cost-effectively reproduce items, as required. Our products have a long life span, are completely waterproof, are lightweight and maintenance free, are extremely versatile, come with a perfectly smooth surface to which stickers can be applied, and can be supplied in any colour without the need ever to repaint.

What’s more, they do not deteriorate in harsh marine environments. And depending on the project, and storage requirement, we can also provide chemical resistant or fire- retardant composites.

Small fry tanks
Small fry tanks 1m3 vol each
10.5m dia x 3m deep hatchery tanks

Shetland Composites has been working with the aquaculture industry for many years. As a result, they sometimes already have a mould for what we need – all ready to go – saving us both time and money.


Hatchery Tanks

Small fry tanks 1m3 vol each
10.5m dia x 3m deep tanks, built in sections, designed to fit in shipping containers
Installing 10.5 dia tanks, designed for easy and quick installation, with sloping floor
3m and 4m dia free standing tanks built in one part with sloping bottoms and legs
Transporting 3m and 4m dia free standing tanks with sloping bases
Side filter box with pipe going to middle, which draws the water up, keeping the tank clean

Fish Processing Tanks

Bespoke 26m3 vol oval processing tank to fit a specific area
Insulating fish processing tanks to keep water chilled
Installation of 100m3 vol offal tanks, built in four sections
New fresh water tanks with sloping bottom to avoid dead spots, replacing old-style leaking sectional tanks
Processing tank and plant room which has pump and controls inside, door other side
Building 50m3 fresh water tanks in the workshop


Delivery tanks to stop the spread of disease between sites (including Covid19)
Site delivery container - to reduce entry to premises
Site chemical storage containers designed to hold 12 x 25kg containers
Deck storage container
Deck container for dry storage of many items
Chemical storage containers - ideal for exposed sites or feed barges